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:bulletorange: Sorry for the insanely long description – got a lot to say about this one :D
The moment I read the name of The Dark Decent contest I knew exactly what I was going to do.
And as I've been practicing my digital painting I saw no better chance to show you guys just how much I've improved (a lot of work has gone into that part).

If you have never read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni I highly recommend you do, and I'd like to cite it as a massive influence and the story behind this piece of art.
Devils Throat cavern, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
'In the Christian era, the Devil’s Throat cavern was believed to be the location where the rebel angels fell after their expulsion from heaven. The cave was long believed to be the prison not only to the original contingent of fallen angels but also the prison of the 'Sons of God' the oft-contested creatures of the pseudoepigraphical Book of Enoch. Known as the 'Watchers' by Enoch and the 'Sons of Heaven; in the Bible, this group of disobedient angels earned God's disfavour after consorting with human women and producing the species of angelic-human hybrids called Nephilim. The watchers were imprisoned below the earth after their crime. This underground prison is reference throughout the Bible. See Jude I:6.'

I don't really like putting males in my work (not even when I'm drawings traditionally) so I decided my 'Watcher' should be a woman instead. After all if we are to say all this is plausible then it should be perfectly plausible that there would be female angels who helped the watchers and so were imprisoned with them.
Yeah Wiccan and obsessed with Angelology = me.

Anyway, the angel and her wings is painted by me (I did used stocks as references to get them spot on as I could so I'll list them)

From a distance it looks really good, but if you zoom in (of which I will post a close up version so you can see EDIT: here ) you can see just how shoddy my digital painting is haha.

For The Dark Descent Contest held by :iconphotomanipulatorsx3:
The Dark Descent| 4 days left! Win a Premium!R U L E S
:bulletblue: You have to be a member of the group to enter the contest.
:bulletorange: 2 per person; but only 1 will win.
:bulletblue: New pieces only (After November 1st)
:bulletorange: No racism, pornography, violence, bashing religions and hentai.
:bulletblue: Photo Manipulations only.
:bulletorange: ALL STOCK MUST BE CREDITED or your entry will be declined. If it is your stock, say so in the Artist's comments.
:bulletblue: You must put in your "Artist's comments"  a link to this journal or the group.
The Dark Descent was the most voted. Suggested by ~TheRainGirl
You can choose to define the theme how you want it. But please write a few sentences to explain the concept of your piece and how it relates to "The Dark Descent". :)
You must submit to the contest folder:
I am accepting entries starting today (November 1st)
The deadline for this contest will be November 30th December 3

:bulletorange: Model – Art Nudes C23 by mjranum stock

:bulletorange: Wings by White wings by Atropo Stock

:bulletorange: Cave by cave stock by LindaMarieAnson

:bulletorange: Light Beam Brushes by darkonelh

:bulletpurple: Painting time: 2 months in total (I’ve been doing a bit one day every week)
:bulletpurple: Putting it all together (the manipulation bit): 1 hour
:bulletpurple: Photoshop - CS3 for the most part but also a little of CS6 (got their free trial to see what it’s all about)

Before I write my copyright things I wanna say sorry for the massive intrusive signature on this one. But I put in a hell of a lot of work for this one and I don’t want it stolen like my other stuff, so a big signature is a must I’m afraid.

Catherine Wood/EigthDegreeBites. You can't copy, distribute, edit and reproduce it in any way.
I don't know how much clearer I can make this point, DO NOT POST MY WORK ON FACEBOOK!
If you would like to post a link to my work on deviant art then that's completely fine but If I find my work posted on Facebook then I will ask you to remove it.
I do not want my work on Facebook for several reasons so please respect my wishes.
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